Mark Strange - FAQs


Who is Mark Strange?

Mark Strange is a professional comedy magician based in Ingersoll Ontario. He is a highly experienced entertainer for all types of events, from private parties to be corporate functions. His unique blend of physical humor, stand-up comedy and close-up magic have won him fans across Canada and beyond. For more details, see the About Mark Strange page.

What is magic prop comedy?

Comedy magic is simply a blend of stand-up comedy and classic sleight of hand magic. The result is an entertaining show that will have you laughing out loud, and gasping with amazement at the same time. As a result, a Mark Strange performance can be quite a breathless occasion!

Is Mark Strange insured?

Mark is fully insured. His insurance covers both himself and his liability, and the liability of those in his audience. However, it does not replace cancellation or other insurances that you may wish to take out if you are staging a Mark Strange show as a public performance.

How much does Mark Strange charge?

Mark costs each event individually, as each performance is tailor-made to suit the client. Rest assured, he is extremely good value for money given his wealth of experience as an Ontario comedy magician, and his fees are very much in line with most other Toronto magicians. For more information, simply call Mark or send him an email.

What equipment does Mark bring?

As a Magic Prop comedian, Mark can perform with very little extra kit. You won't find him coming with baskets of doves or cages of tigers or a tank full of water, for example, despite his escapology skills… What Mark will usually bring is a small sound system upon request, a microphone, and his trademark sequined jacket. Mark can make use of any existing stage area, sound system, or lighting rig, to ensure all guests get the best view plus the best show possible. If your venue requires extra staging or lighting, please ask Mark in advance what he requires.

How long is Mark's show for parties?

Mark Strange shows are always fully customized to the requirements of each client. So, for example, you may want him to perform at a company party for around 40 minutes. Or, you might prefer him to perform in between courses of a dinner, for up to an hour. It really is up to you, and the kind of event that you are holding.

How long is Mark's show for trade shows?

For trade shows and exhibitions, Mark will perform a 5 to 10 minutes mini show to attract and retain visitors to your stand, and then have a break for an hour or so before he performs again. It really depends on the type of event, what you require as the client, and how many visitors are milling around!

I've seen street magicians on TV. How is Mark Strange different?

Street magicians specialize in performing close-up magic in ordinary settings, which isn't much different from what Mark does. The main difference is the street magicians often rely on pre-set illusions, so what seems very ‘instant’ on the screen is actually the result of extensive preparations behind the scenes. This is fine, but it's not what Mark does. Mark works in the moment, creating illusions and slight of hand tricks right in front of people. Sometimes, even he doesn't know which trick he is going to perform until he's in front of guests, or sitting at the dinner table! It is this the ability to adapt, improvise, and tailor the performance as he goes along that is the marque (or Mark) of a truly talented close-up magician.

What is prestidigitation?

Prestidigitation is simply the method used by magicians to perform their magic tricks, especially car tricks. It’s also known as legerdemain or sleight of hand. In other words, it’s the fancy stuff Mark does with hands and fingers to deceive the eye and perform the seemingly impossible…

How can I book Mark Strange?

Simply call or email Mark for more details, or to discuss your specific requirements for your event.

My question isn’t here!

Simply email your question to Mark, and he will do his best to answer it as soon as possible. Just don’t ask him how he does his tricks - that's a trade secret!

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