Mark Strange: an entertaining comedy M.C. for your next event

mark strange behind the curtain

Keep your event on track and your guests entertained with entertaining MC (master of ceremonies) services from Mark Strange.

As a leading Ontario awards ceremony EmCee (MC), Mark will keep your event moving ahead with energy, anticipation and humor. Capturing everyone's attention and keeping it throughout the event's duration, Mark will work to your specific timetable and instructions to keep your event on track and on time (as much as possible!)

Why hire a MC

As an experienced MC, Mark knows all the little ways to make guests feel welcome, relaxed and at ease, while keeping one eye on the clock and the other on the kitchen door! He'll ensure everyone is properly introduced, and make sure everyone is assembled for key moments such as the award presentations, or the CEO’s speech.

As Emcee (yes, we don't like it spelled like that either - blame that Liza Minnelli film), Mark fills your venue with laughter every time he takes the mic, with humor that's both appropriate and suitably brief!

Corporate event MC services

As an experienced MC, Mark can ensure your corporate event keeps to schedule with impeccable comic timing and his own boundless energy. Whether you need a genial host for your awards ceremony, an appealing master of ceremonies for your conference, or a little comic relief for your sales presentations, Mark can bring a touch of magic to any event.

For more details, or to discuss your event, call MC Mark now. Mark is happy to MC at events in London, Toronto, Ontario, Canada and the US - and beyond.

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