Comedy magic for private parties
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  • Stuck for entertaining party ideas?
  • Want to book party entertainment that’s just a little different?
  • Looking for unusual entertainment for family celebrations?
Entertain and delight your guests with two of the hottest party entertainment styles - stand up prop comedy and slight of hand magic - all in one laugh-out loud prestidigitation* show!

Mark Strange’s adult Magic Prop Comedy show is the perfect party entertainment for any occasion, with physical humor, clever prop-based stunts and lightening fast magic that leaves everyone laughing AND wondering how on earth he did it.

What’s more, with Mark’s unique talent for getting audiences on his side in nanoseconds, every guest will get involved. Some will even find themselves suddenly part of the act, as Mark brings willing volunteers up to be part of the show too.

What type of party is better with magic?

Any party you like! Mark’s show is funny, fast and as family-friendly as you want it to be, So, it’s suitable for a:
  • Engagement parties
  • Drinks party
  • Anniversary party
  • Wedding reception
  • Evening wedding party
  • Christmas party
  • Fundraising charity dinner
  • Rotary dinner or party
If you’ve got the party, Mark’s got the magic!

What space is suitable for a comedy magician?

Mark’s side-splitting adult magic prop comedy show can fit into any space, from ballroom stage to marquees, dining halls, community centers and even your own home. Just call Mark to discuss your requirements.

Comedy magician for children’s parties

For full details of how Mark can keep the little ones entertained and enraptured, see our Kids Magic Shows page. * The art of conjuring tricks performed as entertainment.

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