Close up Magician for Restaurants

  • Looking for an unusual live act for your restaurant opening?
  • Want to offer your customers something other than just another guitar duo?
  • Want to attract more families to your diner, cafe hotel or country club restaurant?

The answer is, quite literally, magic!

WalkaroundAs an experienced close-up magic specialist, Mark Strange brings to magic to every table, performing slight of hand magic and illusions right at the table. Your diners can enjoy Mark’s irresistible mix of comedy and classic magic while they wait for their next course, or as a relaxing fun way to end the meal over coffee.

Also known as walk-around magic, table magic, table hopping or even micro magic, it all adds up to a superb way to attract and entertain customers without disrupting the flow of service in any way. What’s more, the sound of their laughter and excitement creates a fun and relaxed atmosphere that fills your whole restaurant all night long.

How a table hopping magician works

Mark is an expert in ‘reading’ audiences, so he’ll know precisely the right time to approach diners, and who to leave for later. He’ll work with your staff to identify who has a longer wait for their meal, and therefore might enjoy a little entertainment. He’ll prioritize families with young children, and be reassured, his skill will be enjoyed by all adult diners as well.)

Now the magic really starts. As Mark begins to perform tricks, other tables get interested - What’s happening? What’s going on? Will they get a turn too? Of course they do! Suddenly, your whole restaurant is buzzing, and people are happy and laughing out loud. And happy diners order more wine, an extra round of drinks, and maybe a dessert they hadn’t planned on but hey, this place is fun!

Marketing magic!

There’s another benefit to close-up magic too; it’s really fun to film on a mobile phone and post on social media. Every post, every video, every picture your customers post online is a commercial for your restaurant, especially if customers have ‘signed in’ at your location, or hash-tagged the image with your restaurant name. Suddenly, you have hundreds of free commercials for your restaurant - how magical is that!

Special magic dinner nights

Offer something special with a comedy magic night, guaranteed to get everyone smiling. Or, try a magical Sunday brunch that’ll bring families together over a meal and some astounding magic.

Mark has lots more great ideas for ways to boost sales with a restaurant magician - just call to discuss your requirements.

Private party bookings

Give your customers an extra reason to book your restaurant for their private party by offering magical entertainment. For private parties, Mark can tailor his act to include several tables at once, or present a mini-show (space permitting) that everyone can enjoy in between courses of dinner.

For more details contact Mark by phone or email - he’ll be more than happy to talk through the options.

The End