Mark Strange

This is no ordinary show!

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Mark Strange

Mark can delight your guests, family, friends, delegates, clients, neighbors and even your pets with sleight of hand magic that’s up close and personal. Mark’s unique brand of magic prop comedy will leave everyone laughing and with the perfect amount of amazement. (If everyone can stop laughing long enough to ask “How on earth did he do that?”)

No-one is safe from Mark’s magical stunts and physical humor - he’ll involve ‘volunteers’ from your audience to bring the magic off the stage and into the room!

Mark Strange’s unique mix of magic prop comedy gives you the fun, excitement and wonder of an interactive magic show for any venue, any audience, and for all ages. It’s entertainment at its best.

Mark Prop Comedy

Call Mark first for:

  • superb surprise entertainment for a private party
  • clean, classic comedy entertainment for a corporate event
  • sleight of hand magic shows for your theatre, venue or club
  • close-up tabletop magic for a restaurant
  • something to stop visitors in their tracks at a trade show
  • comedy MC that keeps the laughter flowing
  • walk-around magic for festivals, business meetings and family events

With over 20 years experience, Mark has been the magician of choice for major companies and resorts including Canada Post, Labatts, Toronto Dominion Bank, Laurentian Bank of Canada, Volvo, Delawana, and Cleveland House, to name but a few.

Click to reveal the secrets of Mark’s superbly entertaining shows:

* Prestidigitation: Conjuring tricks performed as entertainment. From the French ‘preste’ (nimble) and the Latin digitus (finger). In Canadian, that’s really clever magic tricks performed in the palm of your hand - and you still won’t know how Mark does it!

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